A better way to connect and meet your friends


A lot of features. Discover them yourself.

Who will Come?

Know who will attend the dinner or your birthday party, which helps you planning the event.


Share details such as documents, pictures and other information with all invitees.


Let the app
automatically add events into yours and invitees calendar.


Have address and/or location visible to all, without the need of sharing it in other chats.

Send invites to anyone

Invite your friends and enjoy wonderful moments

The app allows you to invite your loved ones as well as anyone you have stored in your contacts without the need of group chats.


Simple Interface

Straight forward interface will guide you through a streamlined process to create invites/events and invite your friends.

How it Works?

Watch the explainer video and see for yourself, how simple it is


Visit App Store or Google Play and install it on your device.


Type in your name and mobile number. You will get an SMS from us, to confirm that this is your number. Don’t worry, the app loads it automatically from your SMS into the app.


You are in the app. Hit+ and you are already creating your invitation!

Who should attend?

Chose under invitees, who you wish to be attending.

Frequently asked quetions

The HUB is an event/gathering management tool. It enables you to easily send invitations, manage invitations, and receive invitations seamlessly. Users will need to RSVP to an invitation.

You will need to download the App from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once downloaded, please register using your mobile number, and after the activation, you can start using The HUB to send or receive an invitation.

Please click on New (+) at the bottom of the screen to start a new invitation, fill all the required fields, and make sure to have at least one person invited to complete the process.

The host while creating the event can select to enable or disable the display of the guest list. If the host turns on this feature, then the guests will see the guest list. If the host did not turn on this feature, then the guests will not be able to see the guest list.

THE HUB is available for free on Google Play & App Store