Become the destination for local get-togethers

By registering with Hub App For Business as low as $0.5 per day, you can bring in new business and show everyone in your area why you should host their get-together.

Our most successful businesses offer an attractive discount that their customers can’t get elsewhere. This gives our app users motivation to come in and experience everything you have to offer. Sign up today to get started!

Bring more groups into your business

Get More Customers

Being a part of Hub App’s provider’s program enables you to get access to groups of users that you can turn into paying customers.

Make a Unique Offer

Giving these new customers a unique reason to use your business as the location for their gathering will increase your chances of being selected.

Show Off Your Business

Once your business is selected, show off your unique products, services, and other features that set you apart from your competition.

Become a Destination for Get-Togethers

With a successful get-together comes opportunities for more. Plus, the customers that just enjoyed being at your place are more likely to keep coming back for more.

Hub App provides the platform for your business to acquire new customers, one group at a time. We’ve seen success with a number of different types of businesses. Here is a small sample of the type of business that should consider making an offer on our app:

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sports circle - hub app for business
bars circle - hub app for business

Cost is ($0.5 per day) paid quarterly, and you get 15% discount if you pay annually.

We ask that providers make an offer to make your business more appealing to app users.

There are no guarantees but your offer will be on the platform quickly, giving you the opportunity to snag a get-together as quickly as tomorrow.

You don’t have to offer large discount, but the chances that you’ll be selected are much higher if you do.

You get access to all of our users in your area who are actively trying to plan a gathering of friends or family members. These potential customers haven’t selected your business for their get-together so you could be acquiring new customers without any consistent effort on your part.

Yes payment details are required at registration..