What is The HUB?
The HUB is an event/gathering management tool. It enables you to easily send invitations, manage invitations, and receive invitations seamlessly. Users will need to RSVP to an invitation.

How can I use The HUB?
You will need to download the App from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once downloaded, please register using your mobile number, and after the activation, you can start using The HUB to send or receive an invitation.

How can I create an invitation?
Please click on New (+) at the bottom of the screen to start a new invitation, fill all the required fields, and make sure to have at least one person invited to complete the process.

Is my guest list visible?
The host while creating the event can select to enable or disable the display of the guest list. If the host turns on this feature, then the guests will see the guest list. If the host did not turn on this feature, then the guests will not be able to see the guest list.

Can I create contacts group?
Yes, you can go to settings and you click on my groups to create a group. Creating a group will make it easier to invite the same group without having to add each one separately each time you create an event. When creating an invitation and you clicked on (+) to add the invitees, you will find Groups are displayed on the upper section of the contacts page. You can add everyone in the group with one click.

If I am creating an invitation that will take place at another country, what time should I select?
The HUB will always use the time zone of the location of the event. For example, if the host is currently in New York, and wants to create an event in London. If host selected 8PM, and the location of the event selected in in London, then it will be 8PM in London time zone, not New York time zone.

What is Pinboard? Are attachments allowed?
Pinboard is a way for the host to send messages and updates to the guests if needed. Pin messages can include attachments of up to 5MB per message. The host can also delete a pin message at any time.

I am getting a lot of notifications from one event, what can I do?
You can mute any event you want. If you mute an event, you will not get any push notifications for this event, however you can still see all notifications in the notification’s inbox.

How will my invitees receive their invitation?
The invitees who have downloaded The HUB, will receive a notification of your invitations. The invitees who have not downloaded the app, will get an SMS sent from you, inviting them to download the app to RSVP. Once they download the app, they will find the invitation in their Received section and then they can RSVP.

Can I change/cancel my invitation?
Yes, you can update/change/cancel your invitation at any time. Your invitees will be notified, except the invitees who declined your invitation.

Some of my guests did not RSVP yet, what can I do?
You can send a reminder to all the guests who did not RSVP. A reminder can be sent once every 24 hours.

Can I change my mind about an invitation I received?
Yes, you can reselect another reply to your received invitations if the event did not start yet. Once the event starts, you cannot change your reply.

Do I need to download the app to create or receive invitations?
Yes, you need to download and register to create and receive invitations.

Can I add the event to my calendar?
The HUB would ask to get permission to your calendar, if you allowed access, then events will be added to your calendar using the time zone of the location of the event.

What languages are supported?
Currently The HUB supports Arabic, English, Deutsch, Russian, and Ukrainian. We will add other languages soon.